Recurrent schedule

Decide exactly, by the minute, when your display should be visible


Decide when to show what

Share the events occurring in your business, store, office or for your team where everyone can see them. This can be by minute, hour, day, week, month or upcoming event. You decide the exact time or days when the slide is supposed to be visible.


You can update your slides at anytime. The updates will be shown immediately, just as easy as you refresh a webpage. Our editor takes care of this.


Each slide will show for the time you have set in its duration within the playlist. For instance Slide 1 can be seen for 5 seconds, Slide 2 for 8 seconds and Slide 3 for 6 seconds etc.

  • Grow your digital signage strategy
  • Target certain groups of customers at given hours
  • Schedule slides for X-mas, Valentine‚Äôs day etc.
  • Update, up to the minute,and save time, effort and cost
  • Connect to coworking members, customers and others exactly when you decide to

Arrange your displays in accordance with upcoming important days, like New Year, Anniversaries etc. Reminders are not necessary. The scheduling will take care of it.

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