High Performance

We operate one of the most advanced signage systems in the world, complete with support and lots of templates and 1,3 million backgrounds, including video and gifs. Schedule your displays by the minute.

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Fully Redundant

We work with a reliable and efficient cloud based signage system to keep your services online at all times.

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Secure system

Our signage system is cloud based and works with wi-fi, protected by advanced security measures. Only you have access to the information you are displaying.

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Add music

Create your own special atmosphere around your presentations by adding the right music.

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Dedicated Support

Our dedicated in-house support team is available 18/6/365 to answer all technical difficulties you may encounter with any of our products.

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Remotely controlled

Our signage system allows you to manage your sliders and screens without interaction. Change content from home or HQ.

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A modern Signage system

The player software is installed on a TV box to be used for any TV, or directly in the android TV depending on the customer’s specific requirements. The NG Signage system can be integrated into your existing system. The Signage system is effective, but user-friendly.

Take control over your content. Now is the time to create engaging signage experiences for your brand. sales department for more details.

It i so easy to publish new information or content. The system provides direct and complete control over the displayed content. We make your experiential marketing more impactful.


  • Wallet system
  • Native apps
  • Browser extensions
  • Advanced security control
  • Free templates
  • Direct design
  • Customized solutions
  • Stability
  • Real-time content
  • Meaningful interaction
  • A million backgrounds
  • Full remote control


Best seller

$20/ Month
  • 1 Screen
  • 1 playlist / 10 Sliders
  • License Subscription 3 Months
  • First Month Free
  • Everything in Standard
  • 400 + Free Templates
  • Business hours support
  • Email / Chat / Ticket Support

Signage applications

Using digital signage is an effective way of communication to the market. Distributing information via signage is not only fast, but also cost efficient. Signage is the modern way to reach the right audiences.

Remote editor

The Web-based editor allows you to manage the screen layouts, playlists, scheduling and other advanced features from distance. Once you have published your content, the server sends this to the player. The player then plays the media, according to the instructions received.

Built for today's market. Do you have the technologies to power up your business? Get your Signage from us!

Latest technology and templates

Use our professional templates instead of starting from scratch. Use our pre-designed templates to jumpstart your design process or simply to get inspired. Save your page designs as templates, and reuse them on other ADS. This can really speed up your workflow. Color, saturation, brightness, size management, rotation, zoom, flip vertical, flip horizontal and much more...

We offer products and services that are the not only best in the market, but also meet our customer’s budget.

Display the most important messages

We offer a wide range of digital signage solutions like; digital menu boards, interactive touch screen kiosk, in fact digital signage for every opportunity.

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