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Store your signage in the cloud


Store your content safely in the cloud

Our latest software will definitely cover your needs. The NG Signage system is cloud based, and it works even if your wi-fi is down. You just need to download the content once.

Access immediately

The management editor supports mobile browsers, so you can make changes easily on the go. From anywhere! Attract customers!

New development

Connected and integrated environments together with new technologies, such as motion sensors, touch solutions, will drive new applications, such as retail and wayfinding. The signage is more attractive to advertisers than ever before. Your revenue will increase!

  • Signage drive sales and brand awareness
  • Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time
  • Advertisers can now fine-tune their targeting with detailed demographic data
  • Local businesses and small organizations can now afford to take advantage of this easier access to signage
  • Signage is a creative and engaging ways to connect with consumers

Signage is the area of the highest projected growth the coming years. Get started now to impact your customers.

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