Security features


NG Signage Security features

The NG Signage includes the highest security. The system has top-grade encryption and other security features to make sure your screens stay safe.

Special login to the panel

We make sure that your content is safe. You - nobody else - are in control over your digital signage that you display on your screens for your customers.

Reliable signage

In order to protect the user’s signage content we use the latest technology in secure cloud servers. The system sends login alerts with full details via email and SMS to the user if any attempt is made to bypass the system. Given the public nature of digital signage screens, a blank screen or unapproved content can cause major headaches or concerns. The high visibility is precisely why screens can be a tempting alternative for hackers. Our system protects you.

  • Firewall
  • Encryption
  • Secure cloud server
  • Secret keys for dashboard links
  • Direct alerts

NG Signage is offering powerful content management systems that can handle a wide range of content. Our system will reduce your dependency on third parties and increase your efficiency and attention.

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